[Marxism] Argentina: It's only a small step from sectarianism towards support for Kirchner

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 18 06:23:28 MDT 2008

You know you're in trouble, when I'm urging people to cool off.

1. Quite simply, F. Fuentes, and GLP have contributed links to different 
positions on this serious struggle in Argentina. That's all that they have 
done.  For that, they deserve our thanks.

2. The links are provided without endorsement or rejection.

3.  Without providing a counter-analysis of the content of these articles, 
we get criticism based on the TITLE of an article; we get accusations of 
demagogy based on.... exactly what I can't figure out.

4.  My suggestion is to read the articles.  I mean I did and I appreciate 
the information from both, and particularly Katz's analysis that a) this is 
a lockout but b) it is not like the PDVSA lockout against Chavez .  I 
categorically oppose support for bourgeois governments, but there is no 
denying, it seems to me, the profound right-wing forces at work in this 
lockout.  And there is no denying the government's inability to resist and 
defeat those forces, committed as it is to capitalism.

5. I don't read the MST article as calling for the overthrow of Fernandez de 
Kirchner. Clearly calling for such an overthrow without  injecting, and 
fully developing the class struggle in the agricultural areas, right into 
the heart of lockout, is/would be irresponsible and probably suicidal


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