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That was mostly in the earlier days in the 1850s
when Engels didn't have much money either.
However, Engels by returning to his family's
textile firm eventually became quite prosperous;
prosperous enough that he was able to afford
to retire at the age of fifty and was able to
take out an annuity for Marx to assure the
latter's financial security as well.  In
his later years, Marx lived in a fairly
fashionable part of London and was able
to provide his daughters with fairly
lavish weddings among other things.
I suppose that turn of events was
better than what Marx would have
experienced if he had become a professor,
providing that we leave out the hard
times that experienced in the 1850s
with the grinding poverty, frequent
bouts of illness, and the loss of
a couple of children.

Jim F.

-- "S. Artesian" <sartesian at earthlink.net> wrote:
Great idea.  And since Marx wrote Capital, living in a damp flat, pawning 
his stuff, a child or two dying in infancy... we should all live in damp 
flats, pawn stuff...clearly,  then we would all write Capital, too.

Pass the carbuncles, please.  I need some inspiration for the part on 

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From: "Ruthless Critic of All that Exists" <ok.president+marxml at gmail.com>
> Actually, Engels wasn't of much help, so that Marx had to pawn his
> stuff repeatedly, and Marx lived in a damp, cold flat in London.

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