[Marxism] Review of book on William Whipple Warren, Ojibwe Leader

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Fri Jul 18 09:30:30 MDT 2008

The following is a link to my review of Theresa Schenck's book on 
William Warren on the Red Lake Nation Web site. The review is being 
published in the summer 2008 issue of /Ramsey County History/, journal 
of the Ramsey County Historical Society. Warren was one of the most 
important Native American figures in nineteenth-century Minnesota 
history, though he is not well known by the general public or taught in 
the schools. Also mentioned is the most colorful Ojibwe chief from that 
period, Bugonegeshig (Hole-in-the-Day), about whom a definitive book has 
been written by Anton Treuer (forthcoming). This year is the 150th 
anniversary of the state of Minnesota, so there is increasing interest 
in largely ignored--or distorted--aspects of its history. For instance, 
next month, a book (subsidized by the state) will be released at a 
chautauqua festival at Old Crossing Treaty Park with contributions from 
local Native Americans, descendants of French immigrants and métis, and 
others focusing on the 1863 Old Crossing Treaty, whereby the Pembina and 
Red Lake bands of Ojibwe ceded 11 million acres of the most fertiile 
land in the country to the whites (the Red River Valley). I would be 
happy to send my article for that book to anyone who e-mails me asking 
for it: "Land Grab: Ramsey vs. the Indians."


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