[Marxism] My Book 'The New Civilisation?' Now Available!

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jul 18 16:50:05 MDT 2008

List members may be interested to hear that my book The New Civilisation?
Understanding Stalin's Soviet Union, 1929-1941, has been published by
Francis Boutle Publishers.

Paul F

Paperback 290 pages, price per copy including postage: UK pounds sterling
12.99, Worldwide pounds sterling 14.99, from Francis Boutle Publishers, 272
Alexandra Park Road, London N22 7BG, UK; Telephone & fax: +44 (0)20 8889
7744; e-mail < info at francisboutle.co.uk >; website: <
http://www.francisboutle.co.uk/index.html >.

Here's from the publisher's website <
http://www.francisboutle.co.uk/booklist/civilisation/index.htm >:

The first years of the Soviet Five-Year Plans witnessed an upsurge of
interest in the Soviet Union. In hundreds of books and thousands of
articles, commentators of all political outlooks expressed their opinions on
the novel features of Stalin's Soviet Union - industrial construction and
agricultural collectivisation, show trials and state terror, Popular Fronts
and collective security.

What was the Soviet Union? Was it a totalitarian threat to Western
civilisation, or was it a utopia taking shape before our eyes? Was Stalinism
the logical outcome of the October Revolution, or did it represent its
betrayal? Was there anything that Western countries could learn from the
Five-Year Plans? These were just some of the questions asked.

Written in a lively manner, this book covers a vast range of material
published in Britain, from the far left to the far right, from the well
known to the downright obscure, on all aspects of the Soviet Union during
1929-1941, and draws out the impact of the Soviet experience upon British
intellectuals and political trends.

The author: Paul Flewers has been involved in left-wing politics since the
1970s. He studied at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies,
University College London, where he obtained his PhD. He is a member of the
editorial boards of Revolutionary History and New Interventions.

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