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PAJU (Palestinian and  Jewish Unity) #388 July 18, 2008

'Temporary'  citizenship law makes Israel an Apartheid state 
The Israeli government has extended the "Citizenship  Law (Temporary Order)" 
for another year. The law severely discriminates against  Arab citizens of 
Israel and harms their civil rights.  
The law also violates Israel’s "Basic Law on Human Dignity and  Freedom". 
Nevertheless, it has now been extended eight times.  
The term "temporary provision" is a deception. After eight  extensions, this 
has become a permanent law that prevents certain Israeli  citizens from 
marrying the spouses of their choice. It bars Israelis from  marrying Palestinians 
from the Occupied Territories and living with them in  Israel. 
Now this decision has no effect on the right of young Israeli  Jews to live 
in their country with the spouses of their choice. There are almost  no 
marriages between Israeli Jews and Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza.  
However, Palestinians from the Occupied Territories are part of the natural pool  
from which Israeli Arabs choose their spouses. For this reason, the law severely  
discriminates between the rights of young Israeli Jewish citizens and young  
Israeli Arab citizens. This is shocking and entirely unacceptable.  
When the "temporary law" was first passed in 2003 ‘for one  year’, it was 
justified as a security measure. This reasoning was faulty even  then. Every 
Palestinian entering Israel is thoroughly screened by Israel’s  security service, 
so there was no valid reason to ban an entire ethnic category  of people.  
In reality, the "security" rationale was and remains a  deception, a way to 
hide blatant ethnic discrimination. The real reason for the  law is 
demographic: Israel wants to limit the number of Palestinians living in  Israel. Israel, 
apartheid state: Israelis claim that the term "apartheid" has no connection 
with reality  in Israel. They should stop trying to evade the truth. The ‘
temporary’  Citizenship Law discriminates against and limits the human rights of one 
 specific ethnic group of citizens. This is exactly the kind of 
discrimination  that turns Israel into an apartheid state.  
And how should the world respond to Israeli apartheid? Exactly  as it did to 
South African apartheid: with a comprehensive boycott of the  offending 
country until apartheid ends.  
Adapted from "Citizenship law makes Israel an apartheid  state" by Israeli 
journalist Amos Schocken, published in the leading Israeli  newspaper Ha’aertz 
on June 28, 2008.  
For full text, see : _http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/996697.html_ 
Distributed by PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish  Unity).

_WWW.PAJUMONTREAL.ORG_ (http://www.pajumontreal.org/)  

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