[Marxism] Dr. Benny and Mr. Morris

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Sat Jul 19 09:30:44 MDT 2008

The Historian and the Twisted Politics of Expulsion
Dr. Benny and Mr. Morris


Is it possible for someone who matter-of-factly supports crimes 
against humanity to be a good historian? A startling and provocative 
question, no doubt, but one that inevitably arises upon consideration 
of the remarkable career of Israeli scholar Benny Morris. A professor 
in the Middle East Studies department at Ben-Gurion University, 
Morris is well-known as one of the most important of the "New 
Historians," a group that upended traditional Zionist historiography 
of the Israeli-Arab conflict. In the first edition of his book The 
Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem (1988), Morris conclusively 
demonstrated, through the mining of newly released Israeli government 
archives, that the refugees from the 1948 war had, overwhelmingly, 
fled or been expelled by Israeli forces rather than left as a result 
of encouragement by Arab leaders, as a previous generation of Israeli 
propagandists had claimed.

full: http://www.counterpunch.com/carey07192008.html

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