[Marxism] Troll Alert [was: RE: "Russia on the road again" (JuventudRebeldeinterviewsRussian ambassador to Cuba)]

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 19:50:42 MDT 2008

Gaius Germanicus writes:

"That the vast bulk of the able bodied Western European workers were busy
killing each other, fighting over and in pre-dug graves strung with barbed
wire, and were in general less concerned with politics than staying alive
from day to day MIGHT have had something to do with it.  Add to that the
lack of an organizing force among the upper classes who usually lead such
efforts (literacy being useful), and there was NO chance that West would
follow East in this case.

"Besides, the Marxist Leninist doctrine of the Bolsheviks simply wasn't as
attractive to your typical population in the West as it was to that in the
East.  Frankly, as is the typical Soviet communist model, the Russian
Revolution was really was a subversion of a popular revolution against the
Czar rather than a true socialist revolution.  And, as is usually the case,
those NOT part of the Bolshevik wing of that revolution were among its first
victims rather than the people against whom they were supposedly in
revolution against."

This guy sounds like a right-wing troll to me, I doubt we will lose much
from his summary unsubbing.


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