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glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Sun Jul 20 06:40:17 MDT 2008

There is need for an urgent regroupement of civic society and the 
opposition to launch a serious and determined program of civil 
disobedience and mass action, supported by regional and international 
solidarity from working peoples and progressive movements.

Some question whether it is realistic to expect a people's power-based 
solution given the massive attacks that the people and activists have 
suffered under the Mugabe regime? We acknowledge that it will not be 
easy, both because of this and because of the disastrous strategic 
blunders of the opposition leaders. But the massive boycott of 
elections, the spoilt papers and the various acts of resistance by 
individual opposition activists show that the willingness to fight is 
there. The refusal by the regime's buddies to endorse the fake election 
will help, while the masses will grow more angry with the sharpening 
economic crisis. With leadership, this can be channelled into a serious 
fightback against an increasingly isolated regime.

* * *

Reflecting its massive shift to the right, as well as the domination of 
capitalists, the ZANU-PF manifesto for the presidential runoff election 
openly and unashamedly called for the massive escalation of neoliberal 
free-market polices after the election. This policy is no different from 
the free-market neoliberal policies promised by the MDC -- thus making a 
government of national unity between these two parties of the bosses 
most likely.

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