[Marxism] Latin American media broadcasts FARC statement

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Latin American media broadcasts FARC statement
Friday, July 18, 2008 
By: Alfonso Cano

'We will never give up the struggle for justice'

Recent events in Columbia have been widely discussed in the U.S. media, but
what has been missing is the voice of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia (FARC). Without that, there cannot be an informed discussion of
the issues at play.

We reprint below the PSL's translation of a July 15 statement issued by
FARC leader Alfonso Cano published by the New Colombia News Agency and
TeleSUR. Subheadings have been introduced for ease of reading.

Comrades of the Central High Command, of the High Commands of the
Blocks and Fronts, of the units, commanders of the urban networks,
columns, companies, guerrillas, squads and commissions, women and
men guerrillas, Bolivarian commanders and militiamen, Clandestine
Communist Party militants and members of the Bolivarian Movement:
revolutionary greetings to you and to all who work together with
us for a new Colombia.

During the last week of May, we received solidarity messages from
all our Farianas units, in which it was
emphasized the gigantic political and military dimension of Commander
Manuel Marulanda Velez as one of the greatest revolutionaries in
our history, and also those messages reconfirmed the absolute
loyalty to his legacy, to our commitment and objectives of revolutionary
transformation and backing of decisions made by the leadership of
the FARC at this juncture.

full statement:



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