[Marxism] More on the Maryland police spying campaign

aaron amaral amaral1871 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 08:49:04 MDT 2008

About 4 days ago I sent the list a report  (<
http://www.mddailyrecord.com/article.cfm?id=6001&type=UTTM >), from the
Maryland press, about a year-long, Maryland State Police spying effort
targetting anti-war and anti-death penalty activists.

Here are links to two articles from the Socialist Worker website, written by
two of the targets of the surveillance, about this outrageous story.

Dave Zirin was on Democracy Now! today to talk about the issue. The day's
podcast are usually available by 11:00 am or so.


Spied on by the Maryland
*Mike Stark**, a national board member of the Campaign to End the Death
Penalty (CEDP), was one of many targets of a Maryland State Police
investigation into anti-death penalty and antiwar activism.*
*Dave Zirin writes that "Homeland Security" picked on the wrong group of
activists, because we will not be silenced.*

This message may have been intercepted and read by
government agencies including the FBI, CIA, NSA
without notice or warrant or knowledge of sender or recipient.

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