[Marxism] Iran given two weeks to stop enriching nuclear fuel

Aaron aaron at mylists.fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 21 12:35:58 MDT 2008

[When I sent this out rather late last night, I forgot that I was posting it to the one list I deal with that prefers hard-wrapped text. So here it is again, "corrected" ;-).]

Any ideas on why Russia and China are going along, even partially, 
with Isramerica's campaign against Iran? Since the Jewish bourgeoisie 
in Russia, with its Israeli connections, was politically squelched by 
Putin, and there was never much of one in China, I'm guessing that 
what they're doing is pure appeasement, based on the fear that Israel 
will start a nuclear war if it doesn't get its way.

Any alternative explanations?

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