[Marxism] Iran given two weeks to stop enriching nuclear fuel

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Jul 21 13:31:39 MDT 2008

Les Schaffer wrote:
> Aaron, do you know if pulling the <pre> tags fro MHonarc using he 
> m2h_text_plain::filter set to nonfixed will insert <p> on empty lines?  
> i would assume they do, otherwise all paragraphs run on, but need to 
> know for sure.

the perl code is in the file mhtxtplain.pl in the most recent MHonarc 

if Aaron or Lou want to check the code associated with the nonfixed and 
keepspace parameters: i looked thru the source file quickly and i think 
Aaron's refusal to limit line length would still show up as a 
longgggggggggg line in MHonarc archives. it certainly doesn't insert <p> 
anywhere from what i can see. but i am a little rusty on my perl now to 
be sure.


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