[Marxism] Reviews requested by Socialism and Democracy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 21 15:36:19 MDT 2008

I am the book review editor for the journal Socialism and Democracy 
which is published three times a year by Taylor and Francis. We are 
interested in receiving suggestions of recently published books that 
merit review. Feel free to suggest your own book if you like. Please 
send me the Author,title of the book, publisher and copyright date. 
All books should have been published since 2007. Socialism and 
Democracy is an interdisciplinary journal of social and political 
analysis. For information about Socialism and Democracy, please go to 
www.sdonline.org You can easily find reviews that we have published 
in the past as well as articles on our web page.

We are also accepting article submissions for 2009 if there is 
something you are working on. If you have an article or an idea for 
an article you can also contact me about it at 
snedekerhg at verizon.net. The length of articles ranges from 
3000-10,000 words. All articles must be submitted in Word format.

George Snedeker 

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