[Marxism] Hegel, Marx and Freud

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On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Rakesh Bhandari <bhandari at berkeley.edu>

> They are all taught in the Department of Rhetoric at
> UC Berkeley.  Hegel's Phenomenology (as well as the whole
> of German Idealism) and Freud's collected works
> are intensively studied. Even Marx's Capital has been taught,
> so people have pondered the idea that xcommodity A=y commodityB
> expresses via a material relation between things the social relation
> of an equality of abstract homogenous socially necessary labor hours.
> Via this expression commodites prove themselves to be carriers
> of social labor ultimately in the universal form of money.  But no one has
> yet
> figured out how to square that idea with the fact
> that for the capitalist owners of those commodities to express their
> socio-economic equality through a material relation between things
> those things can't actually exchange in terms of the abstract
> homogenous socially necessary labor time actually required to
> reproduce them though advances in labor productivity may well be the most
> important underlying cause of the visible changes in exchange ratios.
> gawd reading this brings back such sweet memories of the old LTV corner on
> the former Spoons Marxism list. Them were the days.  I used to think about
> and feel sorry for the poor spy who had to read through all the posts.



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