[Marxism] Hegel, Marx and Freud

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>> gawd reading this brings back such sweet memories of the old LTV corner on
>> the former Spoons Marxism list. Them were the days.  I used to think about
>> and feel sorry for the poor spy who had to read through all the posts.

Do any archives exist of these LTV discussions?

On a general note: while the non-teaching of Marx is obviously
regrettable, I don't mourn the fact that Freud is not taught any more.
Marx's theories are being proven right by the empirical evidence of
history every day (even though he was off by a couple of centuries as
to how long capitalism would survive).

But Freud? There is no empirical evidence showing that he was correct.
He just made some interesting speculations, that's all. I don't see
much point to teaching him in classes other than history of thought or
intellectual history.

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