[Marxism] Demonstrate to Stop the Eviction of Rubie Curl-Pinkins!

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Tue Jul 22 22:16:57 MDT 2008

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>> Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions
> One of the questions I have is where is the working class fightback
> during this economic crisis? Where are the big muscular men who stand
> up to scabs during a strike? Well, it apperars that not all those
> affected by this crisis are able-bodied assembly line workers. Many
> of those affected are, as in this case, old, disabled and sick. Now's
> the time for everybody to get involved in stopping these evictions.
> Solidarity starts in one's community, with friends, neighbours,
> co-workers...

Detroit Activist Neighbors Reverse an Eviction

From: "Michael Shane" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 23:48:12 -0400

> The movement against foreclosures and evictions
> continues to grow.
> Earlier today, a mother and her three children were
> evicted from their home on Detroit's west side.  All
> of their belongings were removed from their home and
> dumped into two huge dumpsters.  She reached out for
> help to the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization,
> who, in turn contacted other community groups.
> Activists from MWRO, MECAWI, the Green Party, Call
> 'Em Out, immigrant rights activists, and other
> groups converged on her home after work and moved
> her back in.  Neighbors joined in as well, and in
> about two hours, much of the family's belongings
> were back inside their home.   Temporary repairs to
> the side door, which had been bashed in, were made,
> and some appliances were reconnected.  Over the next
> day or so, some volunteers will return to do some
> more repairs to the damage done by the Bailiff and
> his goon squad.
> This is great news!  Build a coalition to Demand a Moratorium
> NOW on Foreclosures and Evictions.

> Call 313-319-0870 for more information.
> www.mecawi.org

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