[Marxism] Big gay celebration in Cuba (repost)

Marcel Hatch marcel at cubafriends.ca
Wed Jul 23 16:34:29 MDT 2008

Marxism List friends,

I am reposting my first message to the list on account of formatting problems.

Thanks for your patience.


We've put together a new website on a large and exciting gay event that took 
place in Cuba on June 14 this year. It's packed with photos and video clips of the 

Several hundred LGBT people and their friends gathered at the Mi Cayito section 
of Guanabo beach east of Havana celebrate newfound pride and launch the 
"Together with You" (Junto a Tí) campaign. "Together with You" is a grassroots 
initiative to prevent AIDS among men that have sex with men and has official 

Surprisingly it has received no press coverage in North American. (But you can 
help by pointing friends and press to this site.)

Instead, world press has focused on the fake "Havana Gay Parade" that was 
"cancelled." Here's our explanation of that scam:

In response to positive press coverage this year and last of rapid progress for 
LGBT people on the island, right wing Cubans in south Florida recruited some 
foolish gays there to orchestrate a fake scandal in an attempt to humiliate Cuba 
and paint it as a gulag for gays. They announced they would hold simultaneous 
"Gay Pride Parades" in Miami and Havana on June 25. The Miami "Unity Coalition" 
tracked down a couple guys in Havana to join in their shenanigans. No "parade" 
was ever organized or called in Havana. Here's their sham: announce a parade in 
Havana from Miami and then announce (also from Miami) it was cancelled for fear 
their Havana buddies faced imminent arrest and detention by the "evil 
Cuban authorities." Shamefully no journalist sought to verify the facts island-side. 
It was unreality reported by the press as truth. Sadly many well-intentioned 
LGBT and social justice activists here were duped and confused. Mission 
accomplished, Miami! (Google "gay pride parade cancelled cuba")


We invite you to see the photos, video and story of a REAL CUBAN GAY 


We'd appreciate any feedback you may have on the site.

If you like the website and photos, please share the address with friends and 
press -- especially gay and progressive journals and blogs -- to help reverse 
the lie being spread that Cuba is a "concentration camp for queers!"

Thanks in advance.

Marcel Hatch
Vancouver, BC Canada

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