[Marxism] one response to liberal interventionists Was: Moderator's Note

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Fri Jul 25 11:01:33 MDT 2008

Bob Hopson <bobhpsn at yahoo.com> writes:

> While getting into the politics behind such positions is clearly not
> worth the time of the heavyweights on this list, it seems like
> something worth addressing since the question of how to view liberal
> interventionism and the Obama campaign is a rather big one in
> progressive circles and among the population generally.  It seems to
> be the kind of question Marxism is meant to address head on.

I'm not a heavyweight, as evidenced by the fact that when confronted
with this form of liberal interventionist logic, I have no rational
response; just a horrid mix of anger, depression, despair, and
finally, a detached numbness.

No Marxist analysis can address my emotional response to seeing the
level of dehumanizing and ignorance in my peers.  At this point, it's
not even a passive response on their part, but they are activated and
energized to support that position now thru the Obama campaign.  I
have seen peers re-shape their ideology in order to bring it inline
with things like FISA, or troops in Afghanistan, or attacking Iran and
Pakistan -- because they have to maintain their internal justification
for their actions and support of a liberal imperialist politician and
the "movement" around him.  It is their only way of convincing
themselves they still have some agency or power, and are not "still
fucking peasants."

I have been told, wrapped up with a Marxist bow even, that I should be
ecstatic to see so many of my peers engaging the political process,
energized and ACTING.  I'm sorry that I cannot let myself be bouyed by
this perspective -- I've never gotten excited over activity for its
own sake.  I don't see much opportunity for the newly energized to
move beyond the form of liberal imperialism and appeasement of our
corporate masters, which they are bombarded with daily.  No cadre of
Marxists is able to counter the crush of media, no matter how many
papers they sell, hits they get on their website, or people they
lambast for criticising Obama and alienating his supporters.

There is no analytic response to this that hasn't been spun around and
around a thousand times before.  This is the choice my generation is
making, en masse, guided by their elders who are willing to sell it
for one last shot at "making change" and legitimating their own

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