[Marxism] Celia Hart: The FARC - today more than ever

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Fri Jul 25 15:29:01 MDT 2008

Wow! She definitely goes off the deep end on this one. She sounds like one
of those "Rah! Rah! Guerrilla Movement" Ultra-lefts, but really liberals,
of the 60s, the kind that ran around with berets. But, her main problem
isn't Ingrid Betancourt, it's the FARC, itself. They can do no wrong and
make no mistake. From someone who has shown the ability to analyze
profoundly, this is a surprisingly shallow analysis. They pick up guns
against the fascist Uribe, they were led by "Tiro-fijo," so let no-one
criticize them.

> Since CubaNews began translating Celia Hart's many writings about
> Cuba and other topics for the English-speaking public, it's important
> that it be made clear that while I appreciate the voice she brings to
> a number of subjects, I do not agree with everything she writes. I
> believe that what Celia Hart has to say about Ingrid Betancourt here
> is quite mistaken, and, for one, I'm delighted that Betancourt no
> longer being held hostage in Colombia. It's no surprise that she
> thanked those who got her out of captivity. Why wouldn't Betancourt
> be grateful for her being rescued? Wouldn't anyone feel the same?

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