[Marxism] Moderator's note

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 22:34:50 MDT 2008

Native English speakers should have no problem with this as a basic
proposition.   The US is not motivated by the humanitarian concerns
hartal attributes to Obama or which Ruthless sees as being within the
realm of possibility.

What suits the interest of the ruling class can, within very sharp
limits accomplish something like restoring rights to women bhy
displacing the Taliban.  Of course, those of us with an attention span
will remember that the women of Afghanistan lost those rights largely
because it was in the interest of the US to support the forces that
established its rule there.

A liberal will invariably point out all the progress the US has made
over the years on race or they will cite all the nice things the US
has done for the Indians, giving them nice reservations, food,
blankets, etc.  What the liberals don't/won't see is the big
picture.,..that the US took everything away from them first and is not
giving what's really needed.

And it is perfectly capable of doing pretty much anything to anyone
again if it decides its suits its purposes.

If someone were to hit himself in the head with a hammer repeatedly,
there would be have to be intervals between the blows during which he
was not striking himself.  In fact, most of the time he would be doing
this, he wouldn't actually be landing blows on his head.  So would
that make the policy smart?

Speaking of which, I am not answering anything further from Ruthless
for the same reason that others on this list have stopped doing so.
He expects an answer, but ignores answer questions posed to him.

I'd venture a guess that this is why his Ruth must have left him.

Surely, that's the best explanation how anyone so credulous attained
such a strange sobriquet.


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