[Marxism] The price Palestinians have to pay for Israel-Hamas cease fire

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 01:46:44 MDT 2008

The price of  Israel-Hamas cease fire

If any one had an illusions that the cease fire will at least give the
Palestinians in Gaza some personal security based on the banal and stupid
claim typical  for the reformists   that an imperialist peace is better
rather than the other side of an imperialist war, he/she should take a
second look at Gaza.

 On Friday at least five people, including a child, have been killed in an
explosion near a beach outside Gaza City. 20 other people were wounded in
the blast. Two of the dead were identified as members of  Izz al-Din
al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas. It was the third explosion in
the Gaza Strip within 24 hours.

Earlier, one person was killed and four others wounded by a bomb that went
off outside a Gaza City café used by Christians..

The explosion was followed by a second blast near a Hamas politician's house

The cafe, which was badly damaged, has been targeted in the past, emergency
services and police said.

Witnesses blamed "gunmen" for the attacks, suggesting the involvement of
rival Palestinian factions

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades blamed "members of the fugitive party" - a
term which usually refers to the Fatah movement of Mahmoud Abbas, the
Palestinian president

But if it is true it means that most likely  Israel and possibly the US is
behind it even though the  Israeli army has denied to Al Jazeera that they
had any role in this.

In Israel the Zionist politicians are saying that the cease fire with Hamas
 can not  hold for very long  because  Hamas is using it to  arm itself. (
As if Israel is not).

While Israel is raiding daily the West bank the Fatah of Abbas  backed by
Israel is sawing terror in Gaza. Israel can not live without military
actions, It exists in the Middle East as a military function. No blood no

At the same time we hear  of a "mysterious" explosion of a convoy  near
Teheran transferring weapons to Hezbollah.

As to the denial of Israeli army involvement already the bible referred to
such situations: " The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands
of Esau." —Genesis 27:22

And if any one has still  any illusions in Obama as a better choice, or as a
less evil etc. his visit to Israel and of course not to Gaza and his warm
embracing of the Israeli ruling class while the same old phrases are pouring
from his mouth should be enough for any honest  consciousness worker to know
that the democrats are the other head of the same  Hydra of Lerna in

It is funny on what roads  those who claim to be Marxists  but has given up
the first principle of Marxist politics-the independent of the working class
- are traveling If it is not the Democrats, it must be the support for the
Greens and if not the Greens it must be support for  independent  liberal
like  C.  Sheehan.

 This liberal became known  in June 2004 when she said :" We haven't been
happy with the way the war has been handled. The President has changed his
reasons for being over there every time a reason is proven false or an
objective reached." She also stated that Bush was "... sincere about wanting
freedom for the Iraqis <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraqi_people>... I know
he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of

 In March 2005, James Morris sent an e-mail to ABC's Nightline allegedly
written by Sheehan that included the statements that the 9/11 attacks
occurred because "Arab-Muslims who attacked us hate our middle-eastern
foreign policy" and that Casey Sheehan "was killed for lies and for a PNAC
Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel" and had "joined the Army to protect
America, not Israel." Sheehan denies the allegations: "I've never said
that... Those aren't even words that I would say. I do believe that the
Palestinian issue is a hot issue that needs to be solved, and it needs to be
more fair and equitable, but I never said my son died for Israel." She
claims that Morris modified the email to support his own personal agenda. In
January 2006 On January 31,  while Million Iraqis were killed because of
this dirty war Sheehan wore a T-shirt reading "2,245 Dead. How many more?

On August 9, 2007,, Sheehan announced that she was running as an independent
candidate against Nancy Pelosi for the U.S. House seat representing San
Francisco in California's 8th congressional district.

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