[Marxism] Israel is threatening Iran, Obma supports Israel and the left reformists support Obama.

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 10:26:01 MDT 2008

 Israel is threatening  Iran , Obma supports Israel and the left reformists
support Obama.

Today we are informed by Haaretz that the Left in Israel put their hopes in

Since the left in Israel  are the supporters of the Zionist  state, some one
may develop  the illusions that these kind of sick illusions are the
property of left  Zionists., However it seems that  reformist are reformists
every where.

It is almost banality  to repeat a simple truth. In the epoch of decay of
capitalism after the US used the atomic weapons on civilians in Japan, and
Israel is in possession of over 200 tactical nuclear bombs it is an utter
imperialist hypocrisy to argue that Iran does not have the right to enrich
uranium even  if it would lead to  the development of  nuclear weapon,
to Iran claims.

Those who argue that  Iran is irrational and irresponsible to posses nuclear
bombs and by this they hint that the US and Israel are rational and
responsible should be sent for an examination as their bullshitting
thermometer  has  passed the red line long ago. They are simply   servants
of the imperialists.

Yet the reformist left  who support Barack Obama  endorse his
bullshitting  policy.
In His visit to Israel the Democrats leading figure  pledged to Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert Wednesday that if elected, he will coordinate his
policy on Iran with Israel.

Were these gentlemen and ladies alive during the slavery period of
capitalism they would  have said that only white slave owners are
responsible and rational to hold fire arms. Were they living during the time
of the Roman Empire they would have argued that only the Roman should have
ballistic weapons as they used it very rationally and in a responsible way
to conquer and enslave most people.

Since  Marxism has taught us to look for material interests , for class
interests we must ask what are these class interests that push the reformist
to argue such hypocritical and cynical arguments. Lenin in his explanation
of the reasons for the betrayal of the Second International addressed the
same kind of interests.

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