[Marxism] Israel is threatening Iran, Obma supports Israel and the left reformists support Obama.

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 26 10:38:17 MDT 2008

Who else do you expect them to put their faith in?

Only two candidates have a serious possibility of
being elected, those who think that they can have
an influence in U.S. politics, either directly by
voting, or indirectly and vicariously by rooting
from elsewhere, are doing the same thing. It's a
phenomenon internationally to think that a black
man with a name like Barack Hussein Obama could
possibly become the President of the U.S.A. now.

It's hard if not impossible to predict the future,
and I'm voting for McKinney to make the point that
I'd like to see some other kind of politics, which
is to say a basic break to the political left, but
it doesn't occur to me to think that McKinney can
be actually elected. Despite Obama's thoroughly
normal and predictable movement toward the center
most people are quite cynical and think that this
is just what politicians do to get elected. It's
going to take a change in deeply-held public views
about life and politics for something else to take
flight in the United States of America, I'm sorry
to have to remind you.

The problem is NOT what Trotskyists always told us:
there's a mass movement to the left which is being
derailed and held back by the reformist bureaucrats.

If only that were true!

Faith in the idea that change can come about by the
election of a better individual into the government
remains as strong as it's ever been, if not stronger.
Perhaps if Obama is elected, the inevitable feelings
of disappointment when he doesn't deliver what those
voting for him think he will give them, something 
else may begin to be possible.

The best explanation I've seen of why one should vote
for Cynthia McKinney was printed in Workers World:

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