[Marxism] Surprise! Obama and McCain in full agreement on Iraq

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sun Jul 27 12:10:21 MDT 2008

American foreign policy is bipartisan, so it's no surprise to see only
nuances of difference between McCain and Obama on how to administer the
empire. Even the maverick Bush administration was reined in about the proper
relationship between unilateral military force as a last resort and more
graduated forms of economic and political pressure as the norm.

Here's a comment from Obama to Maureen Dowd, reporting from Paris, in
today's New York Times, which I expect Louis and Eli will want to grab for
their blogs. Dowd writes: "He thinks most people recognize that "there is a
concrete advantage to not only foreign leaders, but foreign populations
liking the American president, because it makes it easier for Sarkozy to
send troops into Afghanistan if his voting base likes the United States.'"

Whatever difference exists between the parties is in the domestic arena. The
DP receives active support and funding from the unions, women, minority
groups, and others seeking reforms and it must therefore perforce defend
their interests to some degree in the legislative arena. The Republicans are
implacably hostile to these groups and their legislative goals and wants to
roll them back.

The same is true of the divisions between the Conservative and Social
Democratic parties abroad.

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