[Marxism] Exaggerating Chinese economic power

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sun Jul 27 17:18:04 MDT 2008


> As a matter of fact, Luxembourg is an imperialist bastion.

A bastion, no less.

> If you take total GDP-- OK China's at 2.6 trillion, US at 13.4; grow
> China's at 10%, US at 3%, it's about 28 years.   I don't envision 28 years
> of unbroken growth for China, given the precarious state of Chinese
> agriculture, real problems with infrastructure and utilities, and the
> repercussions of the US led slowdown on China and all the "emerging
> economies."

No one here has suggested China has attained parity or surpassed the US.
Three decades or a half century is not a lot of historical time. The rise of
China is an "epochal" event.

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