[Marxism] For the first time Israel is not on the list of US' allies

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 18:02:50 MDT 2008

 For the first time Israel is  not on the list of US' allies

In an article appearing in the latest issue of Parameters, the U.S. Army War
College quarterly, Gates wrote that with the army already bogged down in
Iraq and Afghanistan, "another war in the Middle East is the last thing we
need" -.

Meanwhile, in another document bearing his signature that is due to be
published soon, the 2008 National Defense Strategy, Gates omits Israel from
the list of the United States' main allies.

In this document, too, Gates wrote that Iran's support for terror, efforts
to undermine the nascent democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan and pursuit of
nuclear weapons constitute a serious challenge to the security of the region
¬ one that U.S. policy must address.

However, he also used the document to discuss America's allies.

"Our closest allies - the U.K., Australia, and Canada. Other long standing
alliances NATO, Japan and South Korea foremost among them. We will work to
expand and strengthen other relationships, including with India," the
document states.

But Israel, which has been listed in other documents as an important U.S.
ally, does not appear in this document at all

If this is true and  Israel is going to be considered as non ally of US
imperialism , Israel will look at Europe in particular France to replace the
US but Europe  can not be a real alternative for the US' strategic support
since 1967. I f this will  indeed happen it will lay the foundation for the
end of the Zionist state.

If this will happen it will make the task of Arab working class revolution-
the only solution to the region  much easier,  and will open a new
perspective for larger participation of the Jewish-Israeli working class in
the coming revolution.

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