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    Latin America's struggle for integration and independence

By *Federico Fuentes*

Caracas, July 26, 2008 -- Commenting on how much the two had in common 
--- same age, three children, similar music tastes --- Ecuadorian 
President Rafael Correa said to Mexican President Felipe Calderon on 
April 11 that "perhaps we represent the new generation of leaders in 
Latin America". He added, however, that one difference still remained: 
Calderon had still not become a socialist. "Being right wing is out of 
fashion in Latin America ... Join us, you are always welcome."
The election of Fernando Lugo as Paraguayan president seems to confirm 
the idea of a new fashion for presidents. The former priest joins the 
ranks of current Latin American presidents that includes two women 
(Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina and Michelle Bachelet in 
Chile), an indigenous person (Evo Morales in Bolivia), a former militant 
trade unionist (Lula de Silva in Brazil), a radically minded economist 
(Rafael Correa in Ecuador), a doctor (Tabare Vasquez in Uruguay), a 
former guerrilla fighter (Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua) and a former rebel 
soldier (Hugo Chavez in Venezuela).

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    A people's history of sports -- Dave Zirin

*Dave Zirin* presents a terrific and humourous talk on ``The People's 
History of Sports'', providing insights and little-known history about 
sports in the United States. He spoke at the US International Socialist 
Organization's Socialism 2008 conference in Chicago on June 21, 2008. 
Howard Zinn said of Zirin, ``It is so refreshing to have a sports writer 
who writes with such verve and intelligence, who also has a social 
conscience,and who refuses to keep those parts of his life separate." He 
is author of the forthcoming /A People's History of Sports in the US/.

    * Read and watch more <http://links.org.au/node/539>

    The coming economic & environment meltdowns ... and the
    possibilities for fighting back <http://links.org.au/node/538>

July 15, 2008 --The planet is facing a meltdown -- from the global 
financial system to the unprecedented environmental crisis. Almost 
everyone from stockbrokers to scientists to economists agree the 
situation is dire. Yet Wall Street banks are given 
hundred-million-dollar bailouts, while millions face home foreclosures. 
In the Third world it's worse -- crops are used to provide fuel for 
thirsty rich-world SUVs, while 100 million /more /people face starvation 
due to the growing food crisis. The disregard for the hardship of the 
majority has seen food riots and strikes hit over 30 countries.

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    El Salvador election 2009: High hopes for FMLN

By the *National Committee of the War Veterans' Sector of the Farabundo 
Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN)*

El Salvador has entered a governance crisis the signs of which include 
the bare participation by the general public in the life of the nation. 
There is no attempt by the government to achieve consensus, or a will to 
reach agreement on public policy; and there is no tolerance of even a 
minimal participation by the citizenry in public affairs. Disillusion 
and scepticism are the predominant feelings amongst the general public. 
The country's institutional structures are weak and poorly developed. 
This impacts even upon political parties, which neither express nor 
channel popular demands and lack the capacity to play an intermediary 
role in the conflicts caused by the demands of different sectors of society.

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    Stuffed and Starved: `Snapping' the power of agribusiness

Review by *Leo Zeilig*

*/Stuffed and Starved/**, by Raj Patel, Black Inc., 2007*

At the end of the 19th century huge areas of the globe where violently 
incorporated into the world market. Whole regions that had for 
generations been farmed for local consumption were transformed for the 
production of cash crops. In captured and occupied lands new food crops 
were introduced that had little or no local nutritional use: ground nuts 
(peanuts) in what is now Senegal and Nigeria, cocoa in Cote d'Ivoire, 
cotton and rubber production across thousands of square kilometres of 
Central Africa.

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    The xenophobia outbreak in South Africa: Strategic questions facing
    the new social movements <http://links.org.au/node/535>

By *Oupa Lehulere*

June 2008 -- The township of Alexandra outside Johannesburg, South 
Africa, has a long history of resistance to oppression and exploitation. 
In the late 1950s Alex (as it is popularly referred to) was the centre 
of bus boycotts against increases in fares and of struggles against 
apartheid, in the 1980s Alex was the centre of building street 
committees that represented what were then called ``organs of people's 
power'' -- forms of alternative government to the apartheid state, and 
in 2002 the event that announced the presence of the new social 
movements on the South African post-apartheid political landscape -- the 
20,000-strong march led by the Social Movements United -- took place in 
Alex. The fact that it was Alex that would go down in history as the 
township that expressed most publicly the reactionary attitudes held by 
working-class people against fellow working-class people from other 
parts of Africa throws into sharp relief the process of political and 
organisational decline that has been underway within the South Africa's 
working class since 1994.

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    Argentina: The coup-plotting oligarchs are trying to paint
    themselves as the democrats. They will not succeed!

Statement by *Patria y Pueblo* (Homeland and People), translated and 
introduced by *Federico Fuentes* for /Links International Journal of 
Socialist Renewal/

    * Read more <http://links.org.au/node/534>

    Leo Panitch on movements, debates and struggles in Latin America

July 17, 2008 -- A report by Leo Panitch on an international seminar 
organised by the Brazilian Landless People's Movement (MST). Bringing 
together key ``organic'' intellectuals from the continent, the meeting 
discussed the advances and contradictions of the rise of the left 
movement across Latin America, one that seeks to change society by 
taking power. Leo Panitch is editor of /Socialist Register/. The meeting 
was sponsored by the Socialist Project in Canada.

Watch at http://links.org.au/node/533

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