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There is always much talk in the blogosphere (and elsewhere)  of the Israeli 
tail wagging the American dog. As we have often noted here, there  are many 
figures on the anti-war side who seem to believe that the owners and  operators 
of the gargantuan American war-and-empire machine -- people like the  Bushes, 
Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, just to name a few prominent  players of 
current and recent times -- are basically decent, amiable, honest  doofuses 
whose noble aspirations and good intentions have been subverted and  perverted 
by a gaggle of wily Jews. America's foreign policy -- and its military  might 
-- have been hijacked by the Israelis and their many agents of influence  in 
the U.S. power structure, we're told. 

The ultimate  implication of such a belief -- although this conclusion is 
rarely stated  publicly by the Wag-Dog contingent -- is that if it were not for 
the sneaky  Jews, the U.S. government would never have waged a war of 
aggression in Iraq and  would not be plotting another one against Iran. Time and again 
we're told that  the American elite are acting against their own interests, 
that they are being  hoodwinked by a foreign power into doing things they would 
never have done on  their own.

As we've _discussed at length  elsewhere_ 
(http://www.chris-floyd.com/content/view/797/135/) , this is a ludicrous, insupportable  and historically 
ignorant viewpoint -- as well as a desperate (if usually  unconscious) attempt to 
cling to a deeply ingrained idea of American  exceptionalism: we wouldn't do 
those  kinds of things, we must have been tricked into it by some sinister, 
sneaky, alien element. [Another version of the  same viewpoint holds that America's 
government leaders are not amiable doofuses  but corrupt traitors who have 
been bought with Jewish gold. But again this is  just American exceptionalism in 
disguise: our system would never produce war criminals and mass murderers in 
high  places on its own; if the Jews hadn't bribed the Administration and 
Congress,  then America would never have gone to war in the Middle East. To which 
history  gives the only possible reality-based reply: Yeah, right.]

But while it's understandable that  people would seek to blame outsiders for 
the crimes committed by their own  nation -- even to the extent of believing 
that a minor country could somehow  force the overlords of a great empire to 
act against their own will -- it's odd  that almost no one considers the 
opposite [and blatantly obvious] view: that the  American dog wags the Israeli tail 
-- and that, if anything, is the Israeli  elite that have been subverted, 
bought off and hijacked to serve the interests  of American empire.
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