[Marxism] Coup-plotting oligarchs pose as democrats: they will not succeed

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Mon Jul 28 08:18:26 MDT 2008

Fred Feldman wrote:

<From this standpoint the construction and characteristics of the Cuban
state, including its mass-based but very great capacity for centralized
struggle against the enemy, needs closer study. It should not be treated
simply as an old model that is now being surpassed by the new  
processes. The new processes may be beginning to point beyond what  
Cuba has
achieved as fighting machine against imperialism and imperialism's  
oligarchs. But they also have quite a bit of catching up to do.>

During my brief stay in Ecuador 20 years ago, some of the MIRistas  
would speak of Cuba in similar terms, precisely as "an old model".  
Previous to the Cuban revolution, Cuba and Ecuador shared similar  
characteristics--a deforming colonial legacy, a corrupt and venal  
oligarchy with authoritarian tendencies, almost total economic and  
political US imperialist penetration, and a small and weak economy  
with an over-reliance on monoculture agroexport. The "development of  
underdevelopment" was a common theme.

Both economies are still struggling with these lags on internal  
development, but it's Cuba sending doctors to Ecuador, and not vice  
versa. Fred makes a very good point here.

He prefaced this paragraph with another interesting point, in the  
previous paragraph:

<The task today is not one of constructing an ideal "socialist" or "free
states," or infinitely divided states to reflect local communities  
but more
of strengthening the aspects of the state that empower localities  
really disempowering the enemy. The struggles need to forge and  
defend thde
institutions of the state, from the centralized top to bottom, and  
from the
botton to the centralized top, that can express popular, indigenous and
other forms of resistance to imperialism and the oligarchy.>

The LINKS article by the FMLN expresses precisely this point as well.

Greg McDonald

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