[Marxism] US and Israel - wagging the dog

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 08:31:31 MDT 2008

Dbachmozart <Dbachmozart%40aol.com>
You wrote:
The ultimate implication of such a belief -- although this conclusion is
rarely stated publicly by the Wag-Dog contingent -- is that if it were not
the sneaky Jews, the U.S. government would never have waged a war of
aggression in Iraq and would not be plotting another one against Iran.

It is hard to understand what is your point. Of course it is the US   and
not Israel that is the hearth  of the imperialist system. That does not mean
that Israel is a simple  puppet of the US or  that the US does what the
Israeli ruling class tell it to do. That does not mean on the other hand
that Israel does not manipulate to some degree US foreign policy or that
Israel does not spy on the US.

Let us be clear in our definitions. Israel is a settler colonialist state
that due to massive financial and other form of imperialist support has
become an imperialist state as can be judged by its composition of capital.
While the US as a major imperialist state as some lever of manipulation
between imperialist wars and imperialist "peace" agreement, Israel must wage
wars to justify its role for the imperialist West. Regardless of the
political regimes in the Arab countriries and Iran, unlike Israel they are
not imperialists but can act as policeman of imperialism but some time clash
with imperialism.
Israel  is a junior partner of the US and an imperialist state on  its own.
The point is as Lenin put it is that in order for humanity to live the
imperialist system must die.

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