[Marxism] One can only produce intangible items without physical inputs.

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 29 04:19:45 MDT 2008


While I found this web page to be very good in
general, the follow assertion is not true in

> "The productivity of labour can compensate for the limitedness of resources..."

Without physical resource inputs we can only
produce intangible items. The theory that resources
don't limit economic output is incredible. The pope
agrees with Marxist.com, but more people can't just
produce more wealth. Who really believes we can make
something from nothing?

> What is unsustainable is the profit-driven economy growing, stagnating or receding), not mass 
> production and consumption in itself.

Yes, mass production and consumption can continue, but
at what level? Could socialism, or any system, arrange for
us to produce more and more forever?

The findings of the Club of Rome in 1972 were discredited
by capitalists because they threatened capitalist assumptions.
Marxists who doubt limits to growth are defending one of the
worst assumptions of capitalism. When one has no case, attacking
the credibility of witnesses is the only option. Has Malthus
has been discredited or merely demonized?


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