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   Free Majdi Rimawi

 This morning the Jerusalem District Court convicted Majdi Rimawi  a
Palestinian militant an activist in the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine, of recruiting and assisting the gunmen who liquated  A far right
Zionist  minister Rehavam  Ze'evi in 2001.

Rehavam Zeeevi is considered by the Zionist a great martyr for the Zionist
cause. It is of interest to know more about this Zionist's hero .

 Rehavam Ze'evi was born in 1926 in Jerusalem. He joined the Palmach Zionist
terrorist organization  in 1942. His nickname was Gandhi, because of the
long Arab dress he wore during his terrorist activities before 1948.

 and served in the Israeli army after the creation of. In 1948 he joined the
Israeli army and helped to create the Zionist state, formed  by  the mass
expulsion  of the Palestinians and more than 30 mass murders. In 1974
he  retired,
from the Zionist army  with the rank of major-general.

He held  vehement anti-Arab positions in his years in parliament and created
a party Moledet  with  one point agenda:  to  "transfer" all the  Palestinians
 from all the land of Palestine from the river to the sea. He was known for
calling Palestinians working in Israel as "lice" and a "cancer."

He   was a close friend of Sharon the butcher and of Avigdor Lieberman. They
all were connected as well to the Jewish mafia led by Meyer Lansky and they
all have dealt with stealing the Palestinian lands.

When this  intifada broke out in 2000, Israel used US helicopters to attack
civilian targets, killing and wounding dozens of Palestinians.. Clinton
arranged  "the largest purchase of military helicopters by the Israeli Air
Force in a decade" (as reported in Ha'aretz) A few weeks later, Israel began
to use US helicopters for assassinations. Israel murdered  political leader:
Abu Ali Mustafa. And the extreme right Minister  Rehavam Ze'evi was killed
in retaliation.

Many in Israel itself called him openly a fascist..

Following his killing Israel sent  in tanks, troops and helicopter gunships
before dawn, the army sealed off the village of Beit Rima, north of
Ramallah, saying it was the base for a cell of Palestinian militants that
gunned down the tourism

Army officials said two of 11 people arrested in the village and many were

Palestinian officials denounced the raid as an "ugly massacre." Claiming
that as many as nine people were killed, they called on the U.S. to force
Israel to stop military incursions into six Palestinian cities and at least
two villages that have left some 40 people dead.

 After he was executed The Israeli Parliament  passed  a law requiring all
schools to commemorate the legacy of Rehavam Zeevi.

Two liberals  Shai Goldstein and Dror Rafael reacted by the following
satirical article:

Teacher: Hello, students. As part of today's social studies lesson, we will
begin to learn about the legacy of Rehavam Zeevi. As you know, the
government issued an order requiring every student in the country to study
this man's legacy. Can someone tell what Zeevi's theory involved? Go ahead,

Ronen: Transfer.

Teacher: Correct. Good, Ronen. This is Zeevi's theory. Who can tell me what
transfer is. Go ahead, Daniel.

Daniel: Gathering up all the Arabs, putting them on buses, and expelling
them from Israel.

Teacher: Good, Daniel. This is exactly collective transfer. Ronit, you have
a question?

Ronit: Can we put the Ethiopians on the buses, too?

Teacher: Ronit, please. I don't stand for racism!

In similar circumstance  following the crystal night Trotsky wrote an
article: For Grynszpan (1939)Leon Trotsky: For Grynszpan - Against Fascist
Pogrom Gangs and Stalinist Scoundrels (July 1939)

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