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Tue Jul 29 15:30:52 MDT 2008

One still runs into stagist Marxists and Trotskyists who believe that Nepal
must go through a capitalist phase before they can try a socialist
revolution (which, apparently, is what the CPN-M seems to believe as well).
I don't know enough about the social structure of Nepal, but a lot of the
"Asiatic Mode of Production," which still exists, is in someways communal.
I'm not trying to make a bold statement, but I'm just curious.

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> Could you expand on that, a little.  I am familiar with the works of JCM,
> but don't see the Maoists of Nepal as carrying forward in practice with his
> work.
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> Comrade Proyect,
> How much Mariátegui *is* available on the net? I think that his writing
> would be quite instructive for those who pooh-pooh Nepal's Maoists.
> chegitz guevara

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