[Marxism] The fetishism of reproduction (was: RE:FutureCurrents)

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Tue Jul 29 20:01:48 MDT 2008

Yes, that's what they said back then. But the Canadian tar sands projects 
have consistently cost 250% more than original budget projections. And its 
gotten worse in the last 2 years. These nonconventional oil developments are 
energy (oil and natural gas) demanding. Guess what the impact of doubling 
and quadrupling those costs have on the cost of producing a barrel of oil 
from the tar sands! Another factor in the rising cost is something else that 
is in short supply and high demand: the skilled labor to build and operate 
these developments. "Labor costs are skyrocketing out of control" moans the 
oil companies. The only factor in plentiful supply is capital. If you do 
some concrete analysis, I think you will find that JB's figures are very 


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> One more thing, regarding tar sands, super-heavy extraction, etc.
> If you go back and look at the WSJ, or the FT, of the business section 
> even
> of the NYT in 2000, you'll see articles that said things like " at $10 a
> barrel, extracting oil from the tar sands wasn't profitable- but at $30 
> the
> picture has completely changed."
> And investments in the Orinoco super-heavy fields were initiated well 
> before
> oil was at $60/barrel, much less $120; the investments were based on
> estimated average prices of oil around $30/barrel.

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