[Marxism] The fetishism of reproduction

bauerly at yorku.ca bauerly at yorku.ca
Wed Jul 30 06:20:10 MDT 2008

I've been convinced by Joquin's logic and adhominim attacks.

Human nature metabolism is not socially mediated, it is dictated by nature. 
Humans have always desired to drive 10 MPG SUV's and always will.

The price of goods IS the result of supply of natural resources and the demand
for use values.

Oil production technology is either conventional or not.  There is no continual
advancement of oil recovery technology.  Therefore, we can have a peak of
'conventional' oil and the technology will not advance to mediate this

Hedge funds were not pouring billions of dollars into oil futures markets.  It
was the supply demand relationship all along that determined oil prices (I
should have listend to my econ 101 prof. and not wasted my time on all that
Marxist stuff and just put faith in THE models).

Oil markets and oil profits opperate independently of the larger econ. The
falling dollar, low interest rates and lack of profitable investment had
nothing to do with the commodities boom.

The futures market is a zero-sum game.

Economic growth and oil prices are correlated.

Thanks for all the wisdom Joquin.


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