[Marxism] Exaggerating Chinese economic power

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 30 07:38:28 MDT 2008

And you are predicting China will overtake the US and the Age of Aquarius 
will be inaugurated when?  With more specificity than the argument that 
China will not do so when?

The issue was exaggerating Chinese economic power-- is it being exaggerated, 
or not, by those who think a new epoch is upon us, who think China will 
escape the social and economic conflicts of capital and grow forever and a 
day, and peacefully, too.  That was the issue.

In the new epoch of the new world order, tell me, how does China resolve its 
lack of agricultural productivity-- moving up the value chain, I mean, and 
without resorting to foreign ownership and without triggering tremendous 
social upheaval, class conflict, throughout the country.  How does China 
maintain prosperity through peace?

 You are not serious.  You are a kibitzer.

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