[Marxism] Daniel Miller on Zizek's new book: "Zizek has gone mad."

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> I read the book recently and I think what makes these left-leaning humanists so irritated about "In Defense of Lost Causes" is the return of something, or "Das Thing" of Marxism, which is impossible to be repressed or domesticated by the capitalist order. Here is a short quote from the book:
> "Commenting on the growing resonance of Alain Badiou's thought, Alain Finkelkraut recently characterized it as "the most violent philosophy, symptomatic of the return of radicality and of the collapse of anti-totalitarianism" -an honest and surprised admission of the failure of the long and arduous work of all kinds of "anti-totalitarians, "defenders of human rights, combatants against "old leftist paradigms," from the French nouveaux philosophes to the advocates of a "second modernity."

Who are the advocates of "a second modernity"? (The one person  I've
heard making this suggestion is Bruno Latour. Are there others?)

If indeed Alan Badiou (a former Maoist, and a Marxist) becomes the
"in" philosopher for the academic crowd for the 2000s as Derrida was
in the 1980s and Deleuze in the 1990s (as the Nation article states),
that is going to be a positive step forward and Marxists should
rejoice. I am presently reading Badiou -- my conclusion is that he is
vastly more interesting for Marxists than Derrida or Deleuze ever
could be.

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