[Marxism] Irrational Exuberance

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What's irrational here? Brazil is doing very well. 

Is there something wrong with Brazil's progress?
Viva Lula! Viva Fidel! Viva Raul! Long Live the
Brazilian Workers Party! Viva Brazil!

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NY Times, July 31, 2008
Strong Economy Propels Brazil to World Stage
By Alexei Barrionuevo

Fortaleza — Desperate to escape her hand-to-mouth existence in one of 
Brazil’s poorest regions, Maria Benedita Sousa used a small loan five 
years ago to buy two sewing machines and start her own business making 
women’s underwear.

Today Ms. Sousa, a mother of three who started out working in a jeans 
factory making minimum wage, employs 25 people in a modest two-room 
factory that produces 55,000 pairs of cotton underwear a month. She 
bought and renovated a house for her family and is now thinking of 
buying a second car. Her daughter, who is studying to be a pharmacist, 
could be the first family member to finish college.

“You can’t imagine the happiness I am feeling,” Ms. Sousa, 43, said from 
the floor of her business, Big Mateus, named after a son. “I am someone 
who came from the countryside to the city. I battled and battled, and 
today my children are studying, with one in college and two others in 
school. It’s a gift from God.”

Today her country is lifting itself up in much the same way. Brazil, 
South America’s largest economy, is finally poised to realize its 
long-anticipated potential as a global player, economists say, as the 
country rides its biggest economic expansion in three decades.

Full: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/31/world/americas/31brazil.html

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