[Marxism] FARC Will Not Suspend Armed Struggle

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 31 12:05:39 MDT 2008

Gloria La Riva on the struggle in Colombia:

I'll quote here only the final five paragraphs of a long article:

Proclaiming victory over the guerrilla forces after a series of recent setbacks 
for the FARC will not resolve Colombia’s crisis for the vast majority of the 
people. Nor will it end the inextinguishable need to organize, mobilize and 
fight back with the means necessary for the people’s victory.

The FARC, like any workers’ or peasants’ organization that is involved in a 
protracted conflict, may seek to fight at the same time as it engages in 
negotiations and diplomacy. Only the revolutionary organization can determine 
the usefulness of negotiations with a state that seeks to exterminate them. 
Ultimately, an estimate of the relationship of forces is required, which is 
dictated not only by the internal domestic situation but by an approximation of 
complex international factors as well.

Any movement for change in Latin America has arrayed against it not only the 
forces of domestic counterrevolution, but also the vast interventionist 
instrument of U.S. imperialism. The Pentagon, CIA and the complex of 
transnational media corporations are working day and night to discredit and 
destroy the revolutionary forces.

For people outside of Colombia, and especially for those of us living in the 
United States, our work must intensify to expose the macabre role of our own 
ruling class.

Exposing Plan Colombia and extending real solidarity with the workers and 
farmers who are being viciously attacked because they dare to stand up for a 
better world are the top priorities. Castigating and lecturing those who are 
being hunted down by imperialism and by its legal and extra-legal death squads 
is no solution at all to the enduring crisis in Colombia.

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