[Marxism] Urgent Urgent:Political action in defesnse of the freedom of speech an an Israeli Anti Zionist poet is needed now!

yossi schwartz ssschwartz8 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 23:17:52 MDT 2008

     Political action on behalf of an anti Zionist poet is required

Shemuel Yerusalmi is an Israeli Russian Jew poet. He is unusual not only
because he is an anti Zionist Jew living in Israel, but because he is coming
from the Jewish Russian immigration known for its chauvinistic stand toward
the Arab. A symptom of a kind of Red neck whites in the American south.

Because  of his political poetry he is suffering from many forms of
harassments,  He is known for his poetry and he need the recognition as a
poet. He is poor and therefore he can not afford private internet and use
the one open to the public in Bear Sheva university.

A few days ago he wrote a poem on Samir Kuntar the Lebanese prisoners Israel
was forced to exchange for the bodies of two solders who were in the hands
of Hezbollah. In this poem he raise the question Whether Kuntar is the
monster they say he is, or is it the Zionist state that committed so many

Some one saw the poem and inform the University internal security that
detained him for a few hours. Two days later the value Shemuel Yerusalmi
(Jerusalmi) disappears from the English language Wikipedia most likely by
the request of the University security or the general Israeli security

This happened before, About 18 months ago his name was vanished from the
same Encyclopedia claiming to be free and committed to the freedom of speech
but as many of us know it is a right wing and likely connected to certain
government .However at that time  they had to retreat and returned his name
after many left wingers around the world sent a letter of protest to the
editors of the English Language Wikipedia. At that time they had to take an
European lawyer to act as an arbitrator ,who decided that since many people
protest there is an interest in keeping the value. The same is needed now.

It is important that a campaign on this issue will be carried out and as
many people who believe that the freedom of speech of the Israeli academia
should  be maintain and for this reason oppose the boycott on Israeli
academia will know what is the reality of this freedom of speech when it
comes to Israel and its friends regarding the freedom of speech of even
Israelis who have different views than the Zionist line.

I suggest that you write to VikiPedia this short notice

Wikimedia Foundation

Postal address

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

P.O. Box 78350

San Francisco, CA 94107-8350


Phone:                +1-415-839-6885

Email: info at wikimedia.org

Fax: +1-415-882-0495

Wikimedia UK


United Kingdom


info <at> wikimedia.org.uk

I   (Name Or Email)       protest the removal of the Value Shemuel Yerusalmi
from the English language Wikepedia on the 222-23 of July) after he wrote a
poem that raise the question whether it is true that Samir Kuntar did what
the Kangaroo Israeli military court found him to be guilty of and who is the
real monster, Kuntar or the Israeli state that committed so many crimes
against the Arabs


I will appreciate if you send a copy to me

Yossischwartz2007 at yahoo.com

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