[Marxism] 12 year Anniversary of the PRD Declaration: Unity and struggle in the fight for power

PPZ ppz at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jul 31 23:50:19 MDT 2008

Jakarta, July 23, 2008: Twelve years ago, dozens of young
people declared the birth of a new political party, which had a
radical-progressive political line. This event became one of the
changes that brought down the New Order regime and gradually expanded
the democratic space. Today members, former members and supporters of
the PRD (People’s Democratic Party), who are dispersed throughout
various political parties, government departments, non-government
organizations, have become social workers, or who work in mass
organizations and trade unions, etc took part in a celebration to
mark 12 years of the PRD’s declaration. 

More: http://www.asia-pacific-action.org/node/112

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