[Marxism] Climate and Capitalism’s Top Ten (May 2008)

Ian Angus ecosocialism at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 06:55:52 MDT 2008

The most-read articles on Climate and Capitalism
<www.climateandcapitalism.com> in May 2008
… and some unabashed bragging about a widely-reproduced article on the
Food Crisis.

I reported in my previous Top 10 that traffic on our site jumped 50% in March.
After growing another 12% in April, it held steady in May.

These were the ten most-read Climate and Capitalism articles in May 2008:

* Global Warming and the Iraq War
* Individual Versus Social Solutions to Global Warming
* Global Warming Intensifies Grain Crisis in India
* Cyclone Nargis and Climate Change: The Deadly Legacy of Oil
* How the Oil Industry Sabotages Emission Reductions
* Bush Says Starving India Eats Too Much
* Them Belly Full But We Hungry (Bob Marley video)
* Slideshow: The Global Food Crisis
* What's Causing the Food Crisis?
* CDM Scams: 'enough lies to make a sub-prime mortgage pusher blush'

And now some unabashed bragging …

The ninth article on the Top 10 list is actually a link to
one of the most widely-read articles I've ever written. "Food Crisis"
was originally
published in two parts in Socialist Voice <www.socialistvoice.ca> and
simultaneously in The Bullet <www.socialistproject.ca/bullet>, in late
April and early May.

In the past month, it has been republished by more than two dozen other blogs
and online journals, including Links, Znet, International Viewpoint,
Europe solidaire sans frontieres, and Global Research. Dozens of other websites
have linked to it.

It has been translated, and is available online, in Spanish, Italian,
and Thai. (Please let me know if you see it in any other languages.)

It was the front page article in Green Left Weekly (Australia), and it is
scheduled to appear in the coming issue of Socialist Resistance (Britain).

Finally, "Food Crisis" has been published as the main article in a pamphlet
that can be downloaded as a PDF file or purchased in a professionally
printed edition.

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