[Marxism] Kautsky and Patriotism

Dogan Gocmen dgn.gcmn at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 1 05:17:33 MDT 2008

Ruthless Critic of All that Exists:
> "The war brought on the denouement and on its very first day revealed all
> the fraud and rottenness of Kautskyism. Kautsky recommended either
> abstention from voting credits to Wilhelm or voting for them "with
> reservations". Then during the following months a polemic was waged in which
> it became clear what exactly the nature of Kautsky's recommendation was.
> "The International is an instrument of peace and not of war"—Kautsky seized
> upon this truism like an anchor of salvation. Having criticised their
> chauvinist excesses, Kautsky began to prepare for a general conciliation of
> the social-patriots after the war. "All men are human and make mistakes;
> nevertheless the war will pass and we can make a new start."
> "When the German revolution broke out Kautsky became something of an
> ambassador of the bourgeois republic and preached a break from Soviet Russia
> ("it doesn't matter as it will fall within a few weeks") and working out
> Marxism in a quaker direction crawled off to Wilson on all fours."
>  -- Trotsky
Trotsky's critique refers to Kautsky's position after his right wing 
turn. Similar statements are to be found in Rosa's, Lenin's writings 
too. The paper I refer to is from 1907, which Lenin as well as Rosa 
praises. I found it in a library as micro film. So it is not available 
as hard copy but it is available. Thanks.

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