[Marxism] Algeria Riots Pose Risk Of Wider Unrest

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 1 09:35:34 MDT 2008

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. The Algerian government's
response to radical islamic fundamentalism has been repression, which
drives them underground and turns them into martyrs. In the occupied
territories, Israel provicatively backed what it hoped would be Islamic
alternatives toward the then-secular PLO, and now they face even more
implacable foes in Hamas and Hezbollah. Maybe one day they'll get
smart and release Marwan Barghouti hoping he can release them from
the bondage of their occupation of Palestine, in the same way that
Mandela helped to bring about an end to the apartheid regime in South
Africa. It's not what seems to be very likely, but there must be a
reason why Israel's corrupt Prime Minister Ohlmert has been fooling
around with Syria, on the one hand, and why, this thus this morning,
Israel traded one Lebanese man for the remains of Israeli soldiers
lost in the Lebanon war. So Obama won't talk with Hamas or Hezbollah,
but Israel has shown that it's not impermissable to do things like
that. Alice must be thinking how  much curiouser it could all get 
from her vantage point in Wonderland...


Walter Lippmann

Algeria Riots Pose Risk Of Wider Unrest
ALGIERS (Reuters) - Sporadic riots in OPEC member Algeria this year risk triggering
wider protests against a political elite slow to turn unprecedented oil wealth into
jobs and homes.


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