[Marxism] Cuba leads the way on the environment

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1 June, 2008
Cuba leads the way on the environment
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Went in to the Cuban Embassy this week for talks which
were productive and
we enjoyed the ron, apparently the Green Party sent a
delegation to Cuba a
few years ago…Cuba has a fantastic record on the
environment, we have a lot
to learn..I have been experimenting with Cuba’s
innovative approach to
gardening (worm compost is the secret) and here is an
article I wrote for
Cuba Solidarity.

In a CubaSí exclusive, Derek Wall, principal
spokesperson for the Green
Party, argues that to achieve a green planet, we all
need to learn from Cuba

We all know about climate change, forest destruction
and other ecological
threats but in Latin America environmental concern is
treated more seriously
than perhaps in any other part of the world.



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