[Marxism] on hayek, mises etc.

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> From: "brendan cooney" <cooney at bluebottle.com>
> > Can anyone recommend any good literature of a marxist engagement 
> with
> > the Austrian school of economics?
> Stuff by Lange, of course, and in a more contemporary way, check out 
> 'Calculation, Complexity and Planning: The Socialist Calculation 
> Debate Once 
> Again', which you can get in pdf from 
> http://www.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/socialism_book/
> --David.

Well, I guess if it is the socialist calculation debate
your interested in the following should be of interest:

Allin F. Cottrell and W. Paul Cockshott, "Information and Economics:
A Critique of Hayek."
_________, "Calculation, Complexity and Planning: The Socialist
Debate Once Again."

____________, "Socialist planning after the collapse of the Soviet Union"
_____________, "Information and Economics: A Critique of Hayek,"
Research in Political Economy, 1997.
____________, Towards A New Socialism.
Kamaran Nayeri, "Socialism and the Market: Methodological Lessons from
the Economic Calculation Debate."

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