[Marxism] NYTimes.com: Algeria Riots Pose Risk Of Wider Unrest

gary.maclennan at gmail.com gary.maclennan at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 21:41:52 MDT 2008

This intrigued me.  Here in Australia the Rudd government is getting away
with a refusal to use the $44bn budget surplus to alleviate problems in the
health and education sectors etc.

The surplus is largely due to the mining boom especially the sale of coal to
China and it is huge and growing.  Yet the pensioners are doing it really
tough because of price rises, but the only solution the economic
rationalists in the Howard (oops that should be the Rudd) Govt can come up
with is to make the pensioners and the rest of us poorer.  The theory being
presumably that lowering our capacity to buy will eventually lower prices.

Of course there is barely a murmur against Rudd's politics here.  Make that
not even a murmur.



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