[Marxism] on hayek, mises etc.

johnaimani johnaimani at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 2 11:43:30 MDT 2008

<<Can anyone recommend any good literature of a marxist engagement with  
the Austrian school of economics?>>

Away from the Socialist Calculation Debate as to the crux of the matter, the Law of Value, there is 

Hilferding's "Bohm-Bawerk's Criticism of Marx"  http://marx.org/archive/hilferding/1904/criticism/index.htm

In it Hilferding's Preface reads in part:

"Since his criticism deals with principles, since he does not attack isolated and arbitrarily selected points or conclusions, but questions and reflects as untenable the very foundation of the Marxist system, possibility is afforded for a fruitful discussion."

That foundation is Marx' theory of value.

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