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Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 13:40:39 MDT 2008

Louis (in his linked article, not in the section he posted here):

"Ever since I left the SWP in 1978, I have been trying to figure out how 
socialists can get a hearing. To a large extent, I have learned that the Green 
Party was a vehicle for getting out such a message."

The Green Party? Really? I don't know if you were referring to getting out the 
socialist message to members of the Green Party, or using the Green Party as a 
vehicle to get a socialist message out to a wider audience, but in either case, 
I'm afraid you lost me if you think either was true to any significant degree, 
outside of Peter Camejo's brief (and, in my opinion, disappointing) appearance 
on TV during the California recall race.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting the word "vehicle." Yes, the Green Party is a 
"vehicle" for getting out such a message. A skateboard, perhaps. But certainly 
not a bus, or a train, or any kind of vehicle that has demonstrated the ability 
to get "such a message" out to significantly more people than, say, an old SWP 
campaign or a current PSL campaign. Would that it were true.

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