[Marxism] Whatever Became Of What's-His-Name, The Radical?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 15:35:41 MDT 2008

Louis wrote:

"You'll note that I said, "the Green Party *was* a vehicle for getting
out such a message." I no longer think that it is.
I thought that, for example, Howie Hawkins's campaign was a very good
vehicle for basic socialist (or anti-capitalist at least) ideas."

No doubt. But as I said, there are "vehicles" and there are "vehicles." The 
question is, did the Howie Hawkins "Green Party vehicle" reach signficantly more 
people than, say, Linda Jenness did campaigning as an SWP candidate in 1972, or 
than Gloria La Riva is going to reach campaigning as a PSL candidate in 2008. 
I'd say the answer is "no."

That's not to say that Green Parties in other countries haven't been good 
vehicles, or that some imaginary Green Party might become one in this country, 
but as to whether the Green Party in this country every was such a vehicle, I'm 

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