[Marxism] Whatever Became Of What's-His-Name, The Radical?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 20:12:08 MDT 2008

Mark L. asks:

"I'm sure that you're free to say whatever you want, but didn't Howie
actually WIN election locally?  Didn't this give his larger campaign
the kind of standing that campaigns like Linda Jenness never really

Actually, according to Wikipedia, I gather the answer is "no," he did not win 
election (and I checked the Syracuse City Council website just to be sure).

Not that I think that makes a difference. There have, of course, been many 
elected Green Party members. Have any of those elections, or campaigns, served 
as a significant "vehicle" for spreading socialist consciousness? Is there any 
evidence, even anecdotal, for that? Droves of people having heard Hawkins 
campaign and then subscribing to even, let's say, The Nation?

Unfortunately, while lots of us try in our own ways to spread socialist 
consciousness, whether it be through election campaigns (Green Party or 
otherwise), blogs, organizing, demonstrating, public speaking, publishing, and 
on and on, objectively speaking none of those methods have been all that 
successful. None qualify as more than a kiddie car in the "vehicle" department.

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